Friday, March 11, 2016

A Dog Named Jedi Watches Over Type-1 Diabetic Child Every Night

A seven-year old boy named Luke Nuttall was diagnosed with Type-1 Diabetes when he was just two years old. Since then, his mom, Dorrie Nuttall has been in charge of watching his blood sugar level 8-10 times a day, including when he's asleep. "I haven't slept a full night in years," says Nuttall. After he was diagnosed, Nuttall says that she was terrified because she didn't know what to do yet. Thankfully, a few months later, they got a dog named Jedi. He watches over Luke when he sleeps and monitors his blood sugar by smell. He alerts the family if his blood sugar is to high or to low. There was one night when Jedi smelled a sudden drop in his blood sugar and immediately went to wake up Nuttall. When she checked his blood sugar, it was at 57. Luke's blood sugar can usually range between 40 and 400, and even though a 57 isn't very threatening, Jedi saved him from it dropping even more. Ever since Jedi was 11-months old, his owners have been training him to monitor Luke's blood sugar. If his blood sugar gets to low, Jedi bring Luke's monitoring device to Nuttall and bows, and if it gets to high, he brings the device to Nuttall and waves.

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