Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Mrs. Okamoto Day

Mrs. Okamoto Day is a party that we have to celebrate a previous Hillwood teacher Mrs. Okamoto. Mrs. Okamoto had Ms. Caine's job when she taught at Hillwood. We always celebrate her on the opening day of the Giants because of her love for baseball and the Giants. We wear Giants themed clothes, and if people don't have anything that has to do with the Giants then they just wear something orange so that they can still celebrate her. A huge banner is made by Ms. Caine, and she paints Ms. Okaoto Day in orange and black, which are the Giants colors. We also always eat hot dogs outside for lunch as a fun treat. I interviewed Mr. Grantz so that he could tell us a few more things about Mrs. Okamoto.

MP: What year did we start Mrs. Okamoto Day?
Mr. Grantz: We've been doing it for 18 years.
MP: What year did Mrs. Okamoto start teaching at Hillwood.
Mr. Grantz: 1956.
MP: How many years did Mrs. Okamoto teach at Hillwood?
Mr. Grantz: She was here for 53 years.
MP: Is there any specific reason that Mrs. Okamoto loved the Giants
so much? 
Mr. Grantz: She just loved the Giants.
MP: Did she ever do anything to show her love for the Giants for the school?
Mr. Grantz: We used to have Giants Appreciation Day.
MP: Did she like to go to the Giants games?
Mr. Grantz: Yes.

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