Friday, January 29, 2016

The Hillwood BBQ

The Hillwood BBQ was started by Mrs. and Mr. Grantz. Mrs and Mr. Grantz wanted to start the Hillwood BBQ so that they could start to get to know parents and new parents better and have a nice chat and sit down with them. They like to see all of the kids play with each other and play games like tag, jump rope, or board games if they don't want to go outside and play.

Mrs. and Mr. Grantz's best memory of the barbeque was when they did the Hillwood Academic BBQ at the cabin. They enjoyed having the barbeque event there the most. That is where the original event happened and where it started. All of the park rangers that worked at Muir Woods were welcomed to come. A lot of people baked food or brought food to put on the table for people to enjoy and eat together. It was the best place to have it.

This is their first year having the traditional Hillwood BBQ at the school. Having it at the school is much easier for Ms. and Mr. Grantz because now they don't have to go back and forth from the cabin to bring food. There are a lot of treats, candy, and food brought by parents or made by Mrs. and Mr Grantz. Parents like too see their kids play with other parents' kids and get to know each other better as well. So many people love to come and meet new people and kids. I really hope it will continue for ever.

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