Friday, January 22, 2016

Field Trips

The field trips are admired by many students at Hillwood. Hillwood has had field trips since the school opened in 1949. The students have been going to places from the Academy of Science to the Pumpkin Patch.

At the Academy of Science, we explore all the new exhibits. A favorite exhibit is the rain forest. It's usually the first thing that we see. The rain forest has many reptiles such as snakes and frogs. It also has an ant farm. When you get to the top of the exhibit, there are a bunch of butterflies flying around. Another favorite exhibit is the earthquake exhibit. It explains the 1906 earthquake by shaking the room to make you feel like you're actually in it. It also explains what you should do during such a big earthquake. The Academy of Science is fun because it teaches kids about history and science like the dinosaurs, and it's really fun for all the children.

Another really fun field trip is the Pumpkin Patch. The kids get to go through the maze. There's other fun activities, such as the haunted house, the train ride, pony ride, and the bouncy house. After all the kids get to do their favorite rides, they pick a pumpkin. Most kids get to pick the big pumpkins. However, some kids like to pick the smaller pumpkins because they think they're cute. Then the kids get driven back to school and take their pumpkins home.

A very tiring field trip is the walk-a thon. At the walk-a thon, we gather up all the kids at Hillwood, and we walk to the Marina Green field. At the Marina Green, the students get water, and get to play around for a little bit. Some kids like to play duck, duck, goose, or tag. After the break, we walk back to school, and we eat hot dogs for lunch. After lunch, people get rewards for those who donated the most money for the walk-a thon. Then after that, they tell us how much money we raised for the school.

Written by Maddie P. and Grace M.

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