Friday, December 4, 2015

2 slightly hurt in natural gas plant fire in West Texas

In Orla, Texas two people have been slightly hurt in a gas-plant fire. This event happened in west Texas and near the Mexico border.

Anadarko spokesman say this occurred on Thursday by accident. If you don't know what Anadarko Petroleum Corporation is the natural gas processing plant.

There was no huge damage caused by this fire. The owner of the plant is The Western Gas Partners and is based in the woodlands.

An Anadarko spokesman said, about 200 people work there and only 2 people suffer very minor injuries. The spokes man says that the fire is now isolated in one part of the plant and is very contained.

Many buses were used to transport workers from the plant to a close part of Mexico as precaution. Officials were worried that the fire would spread throughout the plant.

Also the traffic was rerouted to U.S. 285 near the plant.

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