Friday, October 16, 2015

Specially trained dogs help farmers with disabilities

A farmer named Alda Owen is blind, but still has the capability of doing her work on her farm. She can sometimes see some things, but it is usually just a blur. She was always able to do her work until a bull ran straight into her and need 60 stitches in her legs. Luckily, she was given a service dog named Jo.

Jo was from an organization where dogs are trained to help farmers with disabilities. It is the only one in the United States. The organization has placed 10 dogs since 2009, and they are training two right now.

"She's made it possible for me to be a productive person, to keep the life we've built," Owen says about Jo. She received Jo back in 2012. She is an energetic, friendly border collie who loves to help Owen out on the farm.

The organization that Jo came from has a very big budget, but the founder, Jackie Allenbrand, realized that disabled farmers are just as capable as doing their work as non-disabled farmers. Allenbrand still loves seeing farmers get excited for their new help.

Allenbrand's company isn't really a famous comapany, but they do think, and hope that they will be famous, and popular enough to get a lot more dogs to train so that they can help a lot more farmers. They would really enjoy that.

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