Friday, October 16, 2015

Should colombus day be indegdinous people's day

Finn Malone

Colombus discovered America even though other people were they first, so, why are we celebrating him and not the people who where already there? The reason is quite Surprising our President actually made Columbus Day a national holiday and then made it a day off. So now there is outcry from the public that it should be indenginous people's day instead of Columbus Day.

The reason they want it to be indengionous people's day is because the native Americans where in America first and also when Colombus came he killed hundreds of thousands of Native Americans. The ones that he did not kill he enslaved and brought back to Europe. Also Colombus brought many desieses from Europe.

A lot of states have already started celebrating Native American day and other states just are not recognizing Columbus day a holiday. Some school councils also have stopped making Columbus Day a day off. And recently Berkley, a town in California, has been the first city to name the holiday indigenous peoples day and also they have celebrations in the town square.

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