Friday, October 16, 2015

"Dinner in the Sky"

Two men named David Ghysels and Stefan Kerhofs, owners of the Fun Group, came up with an idea where when you go to a diner and you can sit on floating platforms 180 feet above ground while you eat your meal. The platforms are held up by giant cranes. It's called "Dinner in the Sky". The idea was made when David wanted to find a way to create a better version of a french restaurant and thats when he met Stefan. They combined their ideas and started working together.

They first did this in April 2007, where they raised a platform with 22 people and a chef on it. It was very successful so they decided to make it more popular. For nine years, "Dinner in the Sky" has had over 1000 people in 40 countries. Some of the places this is in includes  Las Vegas, Dubai, and in Paris. 

The platform includes 22 people on each. When the people have sit down they are asked to strap on to a safety harness. The ride is about 40-60 minutes each. The fee is about $300 included with a limousine ride to the restaurant. The platform has mostly just been used for poker games practicing golf swings, and getting married.

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