Friday, September 18, 2015

Twitch Con

Twitch Con
Oliver, Finn, Leo

Twitch con is a convention that celebrates Twitchers, who are gamers that use a live stream service called Twitch to do live gaming. Twitch has become really popular over the past couple of years. This year, though, they are having a fan convention in SF.

Twitch con will be on September 25-26 and will be
in San Francisco

Twitch Con is coming up soon and it's going to be great there are so many things you can do at it. But, one of the coolest things is the fact that you came the streamers coming in to speak, stream, and autograph. Some of the people that are coming are 2MGoverCsquared, ApproachingNirvana, Bacon_Donut, BrownMan, and the much loved CaptainSparklez.

At Twitch Con there will be lots of games and stands that you will be able to play at and meet you favorite Twitchers! Every day there will be different gaming stands where you will be able to actually play and get tips from your favorite Twitchers. There will be lots of games including Minecraft and VainGlory. Also there will be stands where you can meet and greet you favorite gamers and get an autograph. Not only that but there will be a lot of paper cut outs of gaming characters.

Twitch Con will be on September 25-26 2015.

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