Friday, September 25, 2015

Rare Lunar Eclipse Happening On Sunday, September 27th

On Sunday, September 27th, the finale of a very rare lunar eclipse named Tetrad will happen. This is a consecutive series of four lunar eclipses. This will be quite amazing. This one involves a full moon and a perigee. This means that the body of the moon will appear way larger than a regular full moon. The last time this happened was in 1982, and the next one will be in 2033.

The best view of this eclipse will be in the Eastern and Central United States, and Canada. The moon will start the phase at 9:07 p.m. and will be totally eclipsed by 11:07 p.m. Residents in the West Coast will miss the initial stages because they will occur before the moon rises. Africa, Europe, and the Middle East will also be able to watch it, but they would have to wake up before sunrise. They will not be able to see the full eclipse, but they will only be able to see short glimpses of it.

Lunar eclipses happen when Earth gets in the way of the sun and the moon. The moon has no light of its own. It reflects light from the sun. When Earth gets in the way,  a shadow causes it to "disappear" for a short period of time. This is called a Lunar eclipse. Full eclipses of the moon are very rare. For them to happen, there has to be a full moon, and the sun, Earth, and the moon have to align perfectly together.

Scientists say nothing is strange about this natural happening. It is just Earth casting a shadow on the moon. They also say you should enjoy it, because there is nothing dangerous about this. Unlike a solar eclipse that will damage your eyes, watching a lunar eclipse is perfectly safe.

My opinion is that this is amazing. I will make sure to stay up to watch this amazing and rare sight.

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