Friday, May 29, 2015

Ugly Fruits

Finn Malone
May 29 2015

An Oakland based company is selling only ugly fruits and veggies. They say that fruits and veggies are just like humans, even if there imperfect on the outside, they are just as good on inside as anyone else. Every year, 6 billion fruits and veggies get wasted because supermarkets want only the produce that looks good.

These fruits and veggies usually get thrown out by the farmers and sometimes up to 50% of there produce that they grow is thrown out because it is to "ugly". Well this Oakland based company is a service that lets people have a subscription and get a box of there seasonal ugly fruits and veggies. Not only that but you get 30-50% off of your payment. They can do this because the farmers sell the ugly fruits and veggies for cheap.

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