Friday, May 22, 2015

"Letterman Earned Our Love"

After being on TV for 33 years, it;s finally time for David Letterman to leave his show.

Many people have agreed that it's time for  David Letterman to leave, but it's the fas that don't agree.  Even Jon Stewart agrees that it's his time to go.

A 90-minute special was played on Monday by CBS as a tribute to David Letterman.  It was hosted by Ray Ramano who got really famous after appearing on "Letterman."  The Monday tribute was just showing clips that were very popular.

There were clips of Dr. Phil naming the names Letterman has called him over the years, clips of of stupid pet tricks, stupid human tricks, the Velcro suit, and the Top Ten List.

The Monday showing had a whole lot of silly in it as well.  It also reminded us of what makes Letterman so special.  He's really funny and he's always being silly.

David always shared his feelings.  No matter how he felt, we knew he felt lucky to be alive.  He was very grateful for for the doctors and nurses who cared for him when he had his heart surgery as well.  Sometimes we never really knew if he was joking or not.

A line from the article said, "That's a long time for anyone to be on TV, but Letterman earned it, one stupid pet trick at a time."

Written By: Claire P.

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