Friday, May 22, 2015

Jet Packs! Robots! Tomorrowland's Awesome Vision of the Future

In the new movie, Tomorrowland, which will be coming out today (May 22) has many amazing features for the future. The movie is about a futuristic other dimension. It's up to a former boy genius and a teenage girl to save the world from global warfare.

 These are some of the features in the movie. One of them is jet packs. In Tomorrowland, everybody gets around on jet packs. One character in the movie, named Frank Walker, makes his own jet pack in the 1960's, but it doesn't work good as he hopes, but at least in gets him a ticket to Tomorrowland.

 Another is time-traveling rockets. The rocket in the movie apparently launches from underneath the Eiffel Tower.

 Another feature is childlike artificial intelligence. There are many robots in the movie who look like children who want to recruit children who are extremely smart to help them in Tomorrowland. The robots aren't supposed to have feelings, but one of them, Athena, starts to develop feelings after she meets somebody. The last one is evil robots. Some robots are sent to kill Casey, the main character. Luckily, she is in Frank's house and he has many contraptions in his house that save her. Those are most of the features in the movie from the futuristic land in the movie Tomorrowland

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