Friday, April 24, 2015

TedEx talk inspires feminism

Finn Malone
April 24 2015

Tavi Gevenson is a feminist  who did a TedEx talk. She writes a blog called rookie that inspires girls, not to be perfect, not to be like someone else, but to be themselves. Tavi thanks that woman in TV and movies should have flaws and not be a perfect, 2 dimensianal character (ie. Cat Woman) that are designed to make men intriguited. She thinks that if you are a feminist you shouldn't live up to a certain standered of feminism.

Tavi has a blog called rookie that has useful arcticles for girls. She loves her website and people do to, thousands of people visit it every day. This blog dosent tell woman to be something, it tells them to be themselves. You can check out her TedEx talk here or her website here.

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