Friday, March 20, 2015

Traficked Animals Finally Free, Released Back into Amazon

There is a new plan to release trafficked animals back into the Amazon where they belong.  The only thing there is to worry about is if they are going to be alright when they go back into the wild and they are in their own habitat.

Animals, 13 mammals, wildcats and Capuchin monkeys, 53 birds and 83 reptiles, have been in rehabilitation having surgery for 10 months.  There may be one concern to letting these animals these animals go.  Some of the animals may not be able to survive in the wild because of how long they have been held captive.  

All of the animals were kept in conditions similar to their natural habitat.  There, the animals went through medical exams to make sure they didn't have diseases they would spread back in the wild. After they were examined they were put in crates and sent to the town of Solano which was a two hour flight.  From there they will be put on a ship and go deep into the Amazon and be released.  

Columbia has saved about 55,000 animals and plants in the last two years.  They saved all of them because thy were against the illegal traffickers.  Trafficking is a huge problem in Columbia. Columbia and other places as well has lots of wildlife trafficking problems.

I think that they are doing a great job of saving all of those animals.  I wish I could do that and I'm very glad they can give all of those animals a new home.

Written By: Claire P.


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