Friday, March 13, 2015

The Field Trip to the Recology Center

      On Wednesday, the 2-8 graders took a trip to San Francisco's Recology Center. At 9:00 a yellow school bus came and picked us up at school. Each student had one partner to sit and walk with. When the school bus got there, we got off and went to the Recology Center classroom. We learned what to recycle, compost, and throw out. When the lesson was over, we were guided to the Sorting Area, where they sort trash.
       The upper graders watched the workers and artists do their jobs. After they learned about trash, they walked to the art station where the artist greeted the kids. They danced with umbrellas around a drum, played homemade instruments, and heard a little about the artist's job at the Recology Center. The kids later said that they had the most fun at the Art Center because it was more hands-on than any other activities they went to.
        After the Art Center, the guides took the class to the 16 feet deep trash pit. Tractors were dumping trash into the pit.  It was very loud when the guides were telling us about the pit. After the pit we walked to the the art garden.
        In the art garden we looked at this woman's work that is only made out of trash. She made art that looked like a bear, bird house, lawn chairs, glass house, and beautiful glass tiles on the ground. The glass tiles had different things in them. There were buttons, license plates and other recycled objects. The bear was made out of old burned wood. The bird house was painted and carved using old wood and stained glass. It was really incredible to see what people can make out of trash and recycled objects.

                        By: Sophia, Nicole, and Mia.

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