Friday, March 27, 2015

Smart beehive

Honey is the rich gold liquid that we all love and know that it comes from honey bees. However, while the sweetener has been used for over 8,000 years, extracting it is still a process that is stressful for both humans and bees.

The process begins with a smoker to try keep bees calm. Beekeeper split the boxes from the hive, remove the famed and cut the wax caps off from the honeycombs . After the honey is drained, they reattach the frames inside the hives so that the bees can start making honey all over again. In addition to being a long process, the result is only a couple of stings. The method also disorients bees and in some cases, even chases them to abandon their hives.

Now that I is to "Low Hive," there may be a way to take honey in a less stressful way. Hailed at first change in beekeeping equipment in more than 150 years, the desighn is the brainchild of the third-generation beekeepers Cesar and Stuart Anderson. The Australia father amd son tea who have been working on the hive design for over a decade, achieved this by re-configuring honeybees. Unlike current hives that allow bees to build the entire comb, Flow Hives come equipped with sets of half built plastic honeycombs that face peach other. The need then finish the job by connecting the half-built combs, filling them up with honey and covering them with wax.

When it's time to take the honey, the beekeepers turn a key that splits open the combs. This allows the golden honey to flow sealed trough that is situated at the base of the frame and out of th dgive. Once the honey has been drained, a turn of the key resets the plastic combs back into the original positions.

While this simplifies the honey taking process, beekeepers will still need to use the smoker to ensure that the hive has a water source, healthy brood patterns and is free from diseases and parasites.

For now Flow Hive see a to have caught the fancy of millions of people all over the world. The Flow Hive cheaters have started a fundraiser. They hope to reach $70,000 US dollars but instead of that they have reached over $7 million U.S. dollars in just a couple if weeks. And the numbers are only increasing!

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