Friday, January 9, 2015

Taking the Lowell High School Test

When applying to Lowell, you have to take the school test.  The test itself was not hard.  There were some problems that I didn't understand and didn't answer the questions to.  Overall it wasn't that bad.

When you first get to the school there will be papers in the windows.  One of them will say your name and on that piece of paper it will have other names and the classroom where you will be taking your test.  When you find your name you need to get inside the school and go into the auditorium.  There will be a sign that says the classroom number.  When you find it you need to go sit down with other people with that sign.  You just need to sit and wait and then someone will go onto the stage and talk about what is going to happen. Then your classroom will be called with other classrooms to go.  If you don't have an ID you have to go to a table where you will get your picture taken.  If you do have an ID you need to go to your classroom.  There will be Lowell students in red and white caps blocking off hallways that you can't go through.  They will also help you get to your classroom. 

When you get to your class room there will be a piece of paper.  That looks the same as the pieces of paper in the windows of the school.  Your name will be on it and you will have a number.  When you go into your classroom you need to find the desk that has a piece of scratch paper with your number on.  There will also be a sticker with your name and your ID number.  Once you have found the right desk sit down and wait for everyone else to get in and wait for directions.  There will be the same directions on the white board but don't do anything until you are directed to do so.

Once you are directed to take the test...well...take the test.  The first half of the test will be reading and language.  They are separate so don't go onto the language without instructions.  After everyone has completed the test you will have to leave your classroom and take the 25 minute break.  You have to go onto the courtyard.  It will be crowded so I recommend staying near the hallway or in the hallway.  You will not be able to be on the second floor of the school.  You can bring a snack but I also recommend to eat something at home before and after the test if you don't have anything during the break. 

Once the break is over you will have to go back your classroom and then you will take the last part of your test. The last part is the math.  The math was pretty easy but there were a couple of problems that didn't make since but just try your best.

Once the test is over you will leave and go home.  The test wasn't that bad.  I took the SSAT and taking the SSAT was a good prep to the Lowell high school test.

Written By: Claire P.   

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