Friday, December 12, 2014

West Coast 'Pineapple Express': Floods, Power Outages, and Mudslides

The recent flood has been blamed to have killed two people in Oregon, as it continues to throw wind into the streets. Rain falls along the west coast, all the way from LA to Washington.

The AP notes that residents experienced power outages, floods, and mudslides. They said:

"Avalanches of mud and debris blocked part of the Pacific Coast Highway in Ventura County early Friday, National Weather Service specialist Stuart Seto said.

"He said that heavy rain was falling in Ventura County as well as western Los Angeles County, where possible flash flooding was a concern."

In Los Angeles, trees have been recorded to have fallen onto cars. Fears of mudslides have caused evacuations.

The rain is to continue today, and there has been nearly 3 inches of rain so far. This has been a huge change from this historical drought.

To finally relieve the lack of water, we would have to have at least 7 more storms like this one. It is easy to imagine the type of damage seven storms could do, seven times as much rain.

Mark Kunze of San Bruno pushes his stalled vehicle out of the flooded intersection in South San Francisco, on Thursday.

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