Friday, December 12, 2014


A man named Shawn Young recently invented a game called Classcraft. He is an eleventh grade physics teacher at a school in Quebec. He invented this game so his students would engage more in his class, and it was successful. The students engagement level Sky-rocketed. He published his website about two months ago.

The game does not not interfere with the curriculum. At the start, you pick a role/class. There are three, The Mage, The Healer, and the Warrior. The teacher creates groups of five or six at the start of the year and every class has a specific trait. The Mage is for example, good in academics and the healer is good in socializing. The teacher evens up those groups to make it fair. The group stays together for the rest of the year and they have "powers." If they do well, they are able to get special privileges such as eating in class or being able to bring notes to tests. If they do worse, they face "death"   which is kind of like detentions. For example, they have to come in on Saturday morning and things like that. One bad action from a person could end up affecting the whole team, which is something that I wouldn't like if I were to do this.

To ensure that the students would always be on their toes, he made hundreds of random events that he will randomly pull out to make a usually boring class into a fun one. He said that the website has tremendous benefits that help the students. He said that students are improving quickly because they don't want to "die" in the game.

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