Friday, November 14, 2014

Why Penguins at Australia's Nat. Park are Wearing Sweaters

      If you happen to find Phillip Island Nature Park in Australia, you might find a rather unusual sight: Little Blue penguins waddling around wearing brightly colored sweaters.

      Although this is seems to be just for fun, or to make them look cute, but these sweaters are really helpful for the penguins, and their survival. With all of the recent oil spills, many penguins have ingested the poisonous substance. There is also a bigger chance that the penguins will die of starvation or exposure. The oil can mat their feathers and make them heavier, which is inconvenient when chasing prey and being chased.

      In 1996, a volunteer knitted a handmade sweater for the penguins, and it became a huge hit and saved 96% of the 453 penguins. With the 100% wool material, the penguins can move freely in the perfect temperature, and the sweaters are made to keep from getting their flippers and beaks entangled.

      Also, after the penguin sensation started on the internet, zoos asked for sweaters from donators. They received hundreds too many, and are now using them to sell on stuffed penguins. 

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