Friday, November 7, 2014

Norwegian Toddler Sleepwalks 3 Miles

Usually toddlers run to their parents when they have nightmares, but not Thea Helena Robertsen. This toddler, four years old, sleepwalked all the way from Nordkappveien to Hejellplassen, being 3 miles away. Thea and her sister were being taken care of their aunt, Kristine Sorensen, while their mother was in Greece. On September 15, 2014. Everything was well until the kids were tucked into bed, and their aunt went to sleep herself. It had been cold and stormy on that night. The next morning, when Kristine woke up, the police had come to their home at 6:30. The police questioned the aunt about Thea's disappearance. Kristine then realized that the child was gone. Turns out that the child had a dream that the house burnt down to ashes. She slipped out of the house and walked through tunnels and up to the nearby town of Hjellplassen. When the girl woke up, she was very calm in the unfamiliar town. She wasn't able to provide the police with much information, but she did give detail about her dream.

Sleepwalking is recognized as a disorder. It affects 1-15% of people.

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