Friday, November 7, 2014

Mysterious giant sharks may be everywhere.

In The waters of Iceland and Greenland the mysterious Green land sharks have been seen in different waters around Canada , France, Scotland , Scandinavia and Portugal. The Greenland shark is a rarely seen shark because, they live in the deep and cold waters of Greenland. The Sharks can grow up to the length of 24 feet in max. That's as big as a Great White Shark!  They are the one of the biggest fish in the world and, the biggest shark in the Artic.

The Sharks might be seen anywhere if the water is deep enough and if it is cold enough.
Scientists had cut open a Green land shark and found a lot of different things , the stomach.
The Sharks will eat almost any thing that falls of ice. They found fish , moose , reinder ,seals and even polar bear inside the shark's stomach. The Greenland Sharks could fall extinct. The Artic ecoysystem revolves around sea ice. To Greenland Sharks, the Artic Ecoysystem acts as a food source to them. It keeps seals over open water and  delivers dead animals as potential meats.
 Though that food source could be cut as the ice shrinks  further.

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