Friday, November 7, 2014

Minecraft project is today!

We will be present our houses today for minecraft. I bet that everyone is excited to share. The winners house will be shown on our website. Also the winners will get two golden tickets. Me and my partner Natasha are doing a house that looks like a little cottage on the outside. On the inside, when you go inside,there will be a water elevator. And when you go down the elevator, there will be an underground house. The underground house has four rooms, a not so minescule bathroom and a tv. We mainly have a tv in every room but when you come down the water elevator, there is a very big tv and a couch

. In the upper house, we have a garden in the back. We have a little bench to sit down and some trees surrounding it. On the left we have a pool house. When you go inside you will see a diving board. You can either go on the diving board or just jump right in. On the right you will see a little park. When you go in, there will be a slide, a sand pit and monkey bars. So instead of going to the playground, you can go outside and play. When go inside the house, you will see the minescule bathroom. For those of you who don't know what minescule means, it means small.

 Anyways, our bathroom is like the smallest bathroom in the world. It might not be the smallest in the world but it is pretty small. That is mainly our house. I don't know what other people's house look like but at least I did me and Natasha's house and I really hope our house will win the contest.

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