Friday, November 14, 2014

Ellis Island Immigrants

November 14 2014

Imagine you just arrived in a new country, you do not know the language of the people, but you got all you could carry and moved to this strange new world, hoping that you will have a better life. That was the life of millions of immigrants that passed through Ellis Island, a historic landmark from are great history. If you were migrating to Ellis Island you would pass through a physical test, then you would have your bags taken away (you would get them back later), and finally you would be questioned by a guard. Go here if you want a virtual tour of Ellis Island.

If you were selected for further testing, you would stay in a bunker. Ellis Island is located in the New York area. The Ellis Island building were you would pass through when you migrated was rebuilt twice, because the first building burned down.

12 million people passed through Ellis Island, thats why its so important in are history.            

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