Friday, November 7, 2014

Bahamas Celebration Turns to Horrors!

On October 31, 2014 the Bahamas Celebration cruise gave an accidental fright to all the passengers. The cruise ship hit something in the water and then the power switched off and the ship began to tilt.

     At first the passengers thought that it was a Halloween joke but when it started to tilt they started to panic. Some people started to panic and cry, while others ran for the life boats.

  One lady, Cindy Parette, 47, said she'd been planning to attend a costume contest on the ship and go to a zombie ball with here boyfriend aboard the Halloween-themed cruise. Instead, she waited for hours to evacuate the ship with her boyfriend.

All passengers got off safely and the owner of the cruise line said that the personnel there handled the situation well and restored order. But several people on the cruise ship said different. They said that the people working there were telling them different things about what to do.

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