Friday, October 10, 2014

Thank you Mia's Dad!

          In our computer class here at Hillwood Academic Day School we recived some new computers,but from who? Mia's Dad! he was so kind that he donated 4 Laptops titled lenovo T400 ThinkPad's. I estimate these laptops were released in 2009.

           Why I think this laptop is cool is because it has a red circle in the middle of it and you can also use that as a cursor.It is also very cool because it has a finger trackpad. It also has 2 USB ports if you would like to attach a mouse separately.On the back it has a little bump which is a backup battery which is very cool.It charges like any other laptop with a cable.The little bump looks like this.

It has two types of click buttons one on the top and one of the bottom.I think that is for people that have different preferences.

        Here is a little interview to Mia we are going to ask her what she thinks about it.

Me: How do you feel about this donation?

Mia:I feel very happy that i can donate to the school and as vice president i would love to donate more things if possible.

 Me:Do you like the computers yourself?

 Mia: Yes, i don't mind. They are okay but this is what I could get and 4 laptops are better than nothing.    

 Me:Would you like to have one at home just for you?

 Mia: I don't mind, I have my own laptop.

 Me:Would you prefer it more than your Mac?

 Mia: No I am not sure. I honestly don't really care. As long as it works I am okay with it.

 Me:Thank you very much for answering.

         That is it.Thank you very much for reading my post and here are some picture of the lenovo T400.Thanks to Mia's dad again.


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