Friday, October 17, 2014

Say Goodbye to Peanut Allergies!

Do you have a peanut allergy? Do you wish you could eat peanuts? Well now you can! A scientist and his team, named Wade Young, found a way to change peanuts so that adults and kids that want to eat them can.  Before they can let people eat the "nut" they have to collect more data on it.

The allergy reacts when your body is triggered by peanuts, your body is basically just overreacting to something that is not dangerous treating it dangerously.  To protect the body, your immune systems antibodies "tell" the foreign food particles that the peanut is an enemy invader.  The body responds by releasing its histamines.  The histamines try to get rid of the harmful foods by triggering common allergy symptoms.  Sometimes the histamines will induce anaphylaxis.

Wade made the "peanut" by, breaking whole peanuts with bursts of xenon-light.  The violet colored blasts of light helps inactivate the the major peanut proteins, Ara h1-h3.  They do this to help the human antibodies not to recognize the peanut.  Wade's method could work on all nuts so that people with allergies can try nuts and the different kinds.

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