Friday, October 10, 2014

Our school's new student council

    We have our student council. Oliver is our new treasurer,  Asiana is our president ,  our vice president is Mia and our new secretary is Natasha.  They have their meetings on Wednesday and share all of their ideas. So far,  All of them agreed on the idea of having the of a Lego club.  I talked to Natasha and she said that she feels wonderful to be secretary,even though she ran unopposed.  And she said loves running for student council.  I also spoke with Oliver and he said it is fun to be the new   treasurer and help the school do fundraisers.  It sounds like he is having fun to me being treasurer I talked to Asiana and she said she feels great and she feels like she has more responsibilities  .  And lastly I spoke with Mia and she said she feels happy and it is a fresh start.Now you have met the new student council.



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