Friday, October 10, 2014

Invading Bullfrogs will eat almost anything

American Bullfrogs have been invading Montana's Yellow Stone River.  They will eat anything that will fit in their mouth. American Bullfrogs are a threat to native frogs in the area. From 12 inches long, the frogs would even eat their own kind. The number of frog breeding areas , have quadrupled since 2010. The Bull frogs are causing many problems. They out compete with animals for food, eat
many of the native frogs, and spread fungus that is causing a decline of amphibians.   

 The Frogs were likely to come to this area because farmers must have sold their legs to be eaten. State and federal agencies are stopping the invaders and killing them on sight. They are trying to find a solution to contain their spread. The Bullfrogs came from people releasing them into state water's.

How do we kill the Bullfrogs?  You can kill them in Washington. Do not buy them or keep them.


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