Friday, October 17, 2014

Hero dog helps pull girl from icy river

There is a dog who is a mega hero. Two girls named Samara and Krymzen Sunshine were playing by an icy river. They both fell into the river. Lucky for this family, a man with his dog were walking right over a bridge. They heard all the commotion and ran down as fast as they could. The man's name is Adam Shaw, and his dogs name is Rocky. Adam was able to pull Krymzen out of the water, but the current was pulling Samara to fast down the river. Adam asked her if she could swim to the edge of the water but she said she could't move her arms or legs. Adam tried to through her Rocky's  leash, but it was to short. By that time she had moved about 50 or 60 feet down the river.

Adam and Rocky ran to her again but she was still to far away. Adams wife called the fire department for help. Adam put Rocky in the water to get her. Rocky managed to get to Krymzen so Adam called him to come back to him. Krymzen's mom said that if two more minutes went by then Krymzen would have been gone. Adam got rewarded with a fire men's hat, and Rocky got a rawhide bone, which he grabbed before the fire man could take of the plastic rapper.

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