Friday, October 17, 2014

A New Female Super Heroine is Going to Become Popular

The natural first instinct to a superhero is probably a muscular man flying in the clouds, but have you ever though about a sixteen year old, Pakistani-American Muslim girl to be your iconic super hero? Didn't think so.

Willow Wilson and Adrian Alphona decided to take up the difficult task of meshing together the teenage spirit and hero qualities. Her name is Kamala Khan, living in America by Muslim traditions, and are to create the new Ms. Marvel.  Even though fans are expecting Ms. Marvel to be a tall white woman with perfect hair, they are not quite ready to see what she really is going to be.

Many people do not agree with the idea where super heroines being portrayed as skinny women wearing skin tight suits, and others completely disagree, and prefer the perfect woman. There have been new renderings of both Batgirl and Wonder Woman, where they are not wearing the "swimsuits", but wearing clothes that show a more powerful female. Batgirl is complimented with Doc Martens and a leather jacket, while a huge argument sprouted from Wonder Woman wearing something she normally lacks: pants.

There are so many ways that the new heroines are better for displaying, especially since young viewers love superheroes. Kamala is just one step from great and popular female heroes, the way she completely crushes the old Ms. Marvel, that young blonde woman wearing the iconic suit.

I believe that our feminist cultures are finally getting realized to be important towards all equality, and am very glad this is finally happening. I never liked the whole inappropriate look for Wonder Woman and all of these female heroes/antagonists.

If you want more information, visit this link on NPR.

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  1. Natasha, you are such an outstanding writer! I am very impressed since an article this well-written is seldom seen at my grade level. You should become an author/journalist/blogger :)