Friday, September 19, 2014

Scots say no to independence

On September 18 at 10:09pm (6:09am British time) Scotland said NO to independence. Scots said no to independence by 400,000 votes.

They said no for obvious reasons, I mean, with Britain there on the security council, there one of the most influential countries in the WORLD. Also with Britan, they have access to the best trained troops in the world, also there important on the UN, the Commenwealth, and the EU.

IF Scotland decided to vote yes they would lose the security of the Pound, which, right now, is almost double the American dollar. They would also not be allowed in the EU and not be able to use the Euro. They were relying on oil for everything,but experts say that they would've had to use all their  resources just to handle the new government and other fees.

After the Scottish decided to stay, their prime minister, and the head of the independence campaign, resigned a few hours after it was announced.

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