Friday, September 12, 2014

Scotlands indpendence yes or no?

Finn and Caroline
September 13,2013

YES Scotland should be independent from the UK.

I think Scotland should be independent for the next generation of people. If Scotland was independent, child care costs would go down and women would be able to work, improving the economy. From my Scottish background I don't want Scotland to be a part of the UK.

NO Scotland should stay with the UK.

I don't think Scotland should be independent. Scotland is a great country and I don't no why anyone wants it to be separate. I mean whats Scotland going to rely on, oil, really? For children's education your going to rely on oil. I mean what about the pound, "don't worry everything's going to be alright", yah, I've heard that one before. If Scotland separates the grocery bill and the electricity bill is going to go up. So, on September 18, do your part and vote to stay with the strength and security of the Uk. From my british perspective, this is the right choice

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