Friday, September 5, 2014

Our Fun Filled Summer

This summer my sister and I went to, what seems like, several different places.  At first we didn't really do much but then a few weeks later we went to Washington D.C.  We did a lot of sight seeing.  Just imagine that in hot and humid weather.  It wasn't the best weather but we got to see things we wouldn't see in a long time.  Some things we got to see were, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, World War 2 Memorial, MLK Memorial, Jefferson Memorial, and we went paddle boating.  The main reason of why we were there was because we were there for our great aunt's funeral at Arlington.

The next place we went to was Maui.  We went to the pool a few times; we also went to the beach. When we went there we boogie boarded, and swam of course, and dived through waves which was awesome and it was fun. YAY!

We had a very fun filled summer and we hope to have our summer this fun next year!

Written By:  Maddie P. and Claire P.

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