Thursday, April 23, 2015

Assignments for April 23 — back to regular posts

Warm your fingers up with 10FastFingers.

Proofread your yearbook story. Here is the link to the rough pages of the yearbook.

Yearbook checklist:

  • Proofread your story. Mark edits on a printout.
  • Work with an editor (Claire, Asiana, Natasha)
  • Are there two photos of each student and teacher in the book? (Maddie, Grace, Caroline, Sophia, Mia Nicole)
  • Proof yearbook headshots (Leo, Ethan, Kasama, Oliver, Finn)
    • every student included
    • every student's name spelled correctly
    • every student's year correct?

Please produce a post for The Hillwood Herald. Here are some story ideas, and of course, feel free to pitch your own:

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