Friday, May 30, 2014

S.F. Wacky Race!

In San Francisco Bay area 12,000 people walked 7.49 miles across the city. This started in 1912 as a way to bring residents closer together from the devastating 1906 earthquake, and it is the oldest annual footrace in the world.

Over the years more people have been joining in this annual race. It has become very popular because it is the only competition in the world. A lot of adults dress up in all kinds of costumes: Monkey suits, Bananas, Rubix cubes , and Animal print. On Sunday May 18, 40,000 competitors joined to get the prize of $70,000 USD.

When the race started some of the people tossed corn tortillas as a tradition from Mexico's Lucha Libre wrestling events. A lot of other people sprinkled water around them.

The elite runners made $12,000 for running 7.49 miles, and that includes steep hills. Kenya's, Geoffrey  Kenisi was he first person to cross the finish line, he took 35:04. Even though that was impressive he did not beat Sam Kitware's 2009 record of 33:31, and she also represents Kenya. Diane Nukuri-Johnson from Burundi won the womens title for the second year in a row as the time of 40:19.  Both of the winners received $3,000 USD each. After they were done they walked and entertained the crowd. Then they went to Ocean Beach and had a party.

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