Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Our adventure at Yosemite!

On Wednesday May 7, the upper grade class went to Yosemite! At around 9:30am we loaded up and we were planning to stop at In N Out burgers but we went to the wrong city called Manteca while Ms.Reinboldt's car made it to the right city named Merced. Besides our drive there, we eventually got  to Yosemite and everyone was really excited. When all of us got there, we decided the sleeping arrangements and we checked into our cabin tents. After the check in, we went on a hike up to a waterfall. The scenes were priceless. When we got to the top, we were right below the waterfall and we were getting wet. Climbing Up the waterfall was worth it but coming down was a different story. That night we went to the dining hall and we sat outside to eat dinner. We all got hot cocoa because it was really cold at night. On Wednesday day night in Ms.Reinboldt's tent we played truth or dare and truth or truth. It was a blast! On Thursday, we went on a hike with a ranger and then we went to a Native American program where a man taught us about his culture and showed us different ways to play with strings. After the program, we went on a bike ride and it was spectacular. We rode the bike path and then who ever wanted to go again was allowed to. The view was like you were in a kingdom. After the bike ride, we had dinner and some of us went to the gift store right next to where we were dining. On Friday morning all of us packed our bags and loaded up the cars and we headed back home. On the way we stopped at Inn N Out as a group and ate lunch and started driving again. Eventually we got back to Hillwood and grabbed our bags. Our trip to Yosemite was unforgettable and we all want to go back next year!

Asiana: What are your thoughts on Yosemite?
Ms.R: "I thought it was really fun and I can't wait to go next year!."
Asiana: What did you think about the students?
Ms.R: "I was really proud of them because they did things they never did before such as, riding a bike, and going on hikes; I would definetly want to go next year!"

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