Friday, February 7, 2014

Tips on Teaching Violin

Teaching violin can be sort of a struggle.  On your first day you might have no idea what you're doing.  Before the first day you might want to get a few things.  You should get a small note book, stickers, and anything else you might want.  It really depends on what level they are.  The person I'm teaching is younger and is just beginning.  The small notebook is for writing what they might need to work on.  The stickers are for where they might need to put their fingers. 

On the first day you might be a little nervous.  At some points you might not even know what to do and think of something random.  Honestly from personal experience your student might be nervous as well because they don't know what lessons are going to be like.  As lessons go on it will get better.

Another thing you could do is to look up ways to start.  If you are going to do that you need to read a lot.  You should probably do this for a week or even more.  Still depending on who your teaching.  I only looked things up for a day or two. 

These are some tips on teaching violin for beginning violin teachers.  This is just what you could do that I did from personal experience.

Written By: Claire P.

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