Friday, February 7, 2014

Canon Pro1 vs. Canon SX510 HS

I recently received the new Canon SX 510 to replace my old Pro1 and have had the opportunity to compare the two. The Pro1 was released in 2004 and was given to me five years ago. I have been satisfied since it delivers quality imaging and video. I have had no problems with it; the camera is indestructible. Due to its age, I have upgraded to the new 510 and have been very pleased with the even-better overall experience. The cameras are pretty similar in appearance, size, and layout.

The SX 510 HS

The Pro1

In terms of speed, the 510 is much faster. Startup times are 3.5 sec. for the Pro1 and 1.7 sec. for the 510. The 510 is also quicker when browsing through images, while the Pro1 is prone to freeze. 

The Pro1 shoots in 8 mp, or megapixels, and the 510 provides a stellar 12.1 mp. For comparison, my iPad camera uses 5 mp. 

Movie quality is hands-down better on the 510 with an 1080p HD option. Pro1 has a mere 480p.

The Pro1 is built like a tank: strong yet heavy. The 510 is practically featherweight light though fragile.

The 510 is easy to use for anyone with or without experience. It's actually hard to take an inferior picture with it. I don't recommend the Pro1 for inexperienced photographers. Due to slow shutter speed and no stabilization, it is harder to take good pictures. 

The 510 is optimized for zooming and can achieve a good, clear 30x. On the other hand, the Pro1 can deliver a fair 7x.

The two cameras are not DSLRs (cameras which lenses can be swapped), though they aren't basic point-and-shoot cameras either. They belong to a small sub genre I usually call "all-in-one DSLRs" (an oxymoron). 

Both are about the size of a deck of cards; they are somewhat transportable.

The screen on the 510 is vivid and clear.
The Pro1 has both a screen and digital viewfinder.

These memory cards are a perfect example of Moore's Law.

The specs of the 510 adjacent to the Pro1. While the 510 is technically a superior camera, the Pro1 was much more advanced for its time. Compared to computers, cameras haven't changed too much in the past ten years. Notice how the 510 scores better in every category.

Comparing the Pro1 and 510 to a D7100 DSLR. Huge difference. The D7100 has 24.1 mega pixels.

Both cameras deliver flawless images which are nearly identical to each other. Either one is a good choice for anyone looking for a portable alternative to a DSLR. These are both stellar cameras; I found after extensive research that they are just about the best of all-in-one cameras available. I recommend either one, for I have decided to keep my Pro1 for nostalgic reasons.

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