Friday, January 17, 2014

The Macquarium

Do you have an old, obsolete Mac at home that nobody needs anymore? Have you considered recycling it? Moreover, have you considered repurposing it into an aquarium? The Macquarium is a great way to reincarnate your Mac as a fish tank. 

The idea of Macquariums arose about twenty years ago when Macintosh Classics were becoming "old". The purpose was to keep your Mac in use while displaying vivid "graphics" (fish). They were created either by waterproofing the Mac's inside or placing a tank inside the computer.

The iMac became popular for aquariums as well. Finally, the old iMac can last forever, even after the hard drive fails.

A Classic Mac can hold up to three fish and 2.5 gallons of water.

This Macquarium could be yours. You can order a special kit to transform a computer into an aquarium.

A PowerMac G5 complete with LED lights and filter.

A Mac G4 Cube providing an environment for fish.

It's not just computers that get the aquarium promotion. 

Macquarium creators have succeeded in turning just about every obsolete Mac into a fish tank.

Though Apple had its revenge: the Maquarium-proof iMac. 

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