Friday, January 17, 2014

Space Glass vs. Google Glass

Space glass and Google glass have been competing against each other, but which one is better? Well, Space glass is where you have to wear special glasses which brings you into a 3D virtual world. It is almost like the new program called Kinect, for Xbox. You can use your hands to lead you through the virtual game. The Meta system, which is starting of Space glass, includes 3D glasses and a 3D camera, that video tapes everything you do, so it will be saving your progress. Next time when you want to play Space Glass, you can come back and continue.

It also copies your hand movements. Space glasses can recognize the users by saving your voice on the system. You can have your own avatar. You can design your profile how ever you want. Space glasses connects you to anywhere you are. Sometimes you might need Wifi. With Space glasses, you can design anything you want. You can build you own miniature world in Minecraft. You can make a plate or vase. If you have a 3D copy machine, that will work to your advantage. You can use your 3D machine to copy your 3D model vase or plate. Once you copy, you will have your own vase. Space glasses is a wonderful program, and it is told that soon they will make the program more advanced.


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