Friday, January 3, 2014

How a Man Survived Underwater for Three Days

In a sunken tugboat a man named Harrison Okene, who is 29, was found in an air bubble.  He was the only survivor.

He survived underwater for three whole days.  The ship sunk in May in the Atlantic ocean killing 11 crew members.  Harrison was stuck in an air bubble for three days to survive.  Harrison also filmed a video of him in it.

In may at about 4:30 am in May on the 26th, a tug boat that was carrying oil sank in the Atlantic ocean.  As the tug boat sank water kept rushing in.  As water rushed in, it kept pushing Harrison.  It pushed him down a hall and into the officers bathroom.  He was then trapped but he was trapped in a four foot air bubble.

After 60 hours a rescue came in.  When they going to bring up the bodies they found him in the air bubble.  A diver who took a video came upon his body thinking he was dead.  After the rescue he had to spend another 60 hours in a decompression chamber.  He would have died if the divers didn't get to him sooner.

Written By: Claire

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