Friday, January 24, 2014

Heading to Yosemite!

In May the upper graders will be heading to Yosemite! It will be a trip to remember. Ms.Reinboldt and Mr. Grantz along with an additional female parent will be chaperoning us. We will be staying in Curry Village in canvas tents. In groups of 5 the girls will be split up and the boys will be in 1 tent. The boys and girls will be separated.

We will be visiting many different sites. We will be going on hikes and we will be dining in a restaurant for meals. Students will arrive at school like a any ordinary day and Ms.Reinboldt, Mr.Grantz, will be driving us there. The drive will be around 4-5 hours. Since we will be there for 2 days, we will meet with a ranger and he will teach us information about Yosemite. The weather will be slightly warm and at night it will be chilly. The upper graders going are very excited and more posts in the future so stay updated!

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