Friday, January 10, 2014

5 Animals that can Sniff out Cancer

You probably know about how some animals can detect cancer cell and molecular changes.

Dogs: Domestic dogs have been trained to smell out drugs and explosives. Dogs have also been able to sniff out Cancer.

Fruit Fly: Scientists have recently figured out that fruit flies, like dogs, can sense out cancer cells. The stingers' antennae  have neutrons that detect cancer cells of humans.

Giant African Pouched rat: In 2012 African citizens have been having cancer. Doctors used Giant African Pouched rats to help them detect who has cancer and who doesn't.  

Mouse: Humans aren't the only animals that suffer from illnesses. Dogs, dolphins, and honey bees detect cancer and diabetes. Mice can also detect cancer and diabetes. Scientists have been examining rats and they finally found that mice can also be as helpful as dogs and dolphins. 
Honey Bees: Like flies, honey bees have very sensitive antennae. They detect cancer and other diseases. Scientists have been watching how bees act around people and animals that have cancer and other diseases. 

I hope that one day people use these animals to detect cancer and help the suffering person as soon as possible. I also hope that animals will become a huge help to human kind. Human can use some help and animals should be the ones they turn to.

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