Friday, November 15, 2013

The New Warriors Stadium Comes to Town

The new Warriors stadium has been approved by the government to be made the location of this new stadium will be between pier 30 and pier 32. The project bill was signed by Gov. Jerry Brown by Assemblyman Phil Ting.

There have been many blueprints of the stadium but the one they decided on was the 3.0 plan that will be released next month. It will have a provision for 50 percent of the 13-acre site to be walkways and open spaces free to the public, a large window that allows people to look in and out of the arena, a fireboat station, and the capability to dock overflow cruise ships.

The stadium will be finished in 2017 or 1218. My opinion is that it will be good for San Francisco because it will bring in people from different places to come and watch also San Francisco will get money out of this.

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