Friday, November 22, 2013

SPCA Dog Obedience Training: Week 5, Graduaton

Week 5 was really fun.  But it was also sad.  It was the last week of training.  At the beginning we just worked on mat work.  We did that for a few minutes when it was time to get started.

Rio came out first.  She laid down on her mat and looked at me because she knew I had treats.  Then the dog in the pod next to us came out.  The other dog looked at Rio but Rio never looked over at the other dog which I thought was an amazing thing and I never thought in a million years that she would be able to do that.  But I put a lot of hope into this and part of me thought this would be able to happen.  Eventually Rio looked over at the dog.  Then she looked back at me and I clicked and I gave her a treat.  She looked again but got up and pulled to get to the dog.  Of course I panicked and didn't know what to do.  All I did was pull.  Then Suzy, who was next to me,  said that I shouldn't do that and guide her back with a treat.  Luckily she didn't do that again.  The rest of the time she was OK.

The next thing we did was find it and turn and go.  Rio and the dog at the far end did find it and lets go!  We did it around a large green post.  We did find it half of the way and then when we got to the post and did lets go!

After that we worked on hunting.  We put treats in a box and Suzy pointed to a totally different one.  The dogs thought that the box she pointed to had treats in it but then they eventually found it.  That was it.

We got our certificates and I felt very proud of it.  Knowing that we could do the advanced Reactive Rover.  Reactive Rover was a great class and you should definitely try it out if you have a reactive dog.

Written By:  Claire

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