Friday, November 15, 2013

It's Getting Harder to Find Something for a Buck on the Dollar Menu

Getting something off of the dollar menu? It might just be more than a dollar.

Recently, McDonalds updated their dollar menu, and for more than a decade. They have sold burgers and fries for less than a dollar. The menu has made as much as 14% of McDonald's money. Now, the dollar menu is ironically more than one buck. 

They have called it "The Dollar Menu and More." It really tells you that it is a dollar. And certainly more. The menu prices go up to as much as $5. McDonalds has said that it "gives the customer more fulfillment and choice."  The customer might get more choice, but the new choices are more expensive. But there is a reason for the sudden change in price.

The fast-food market is being overrun by more upscale ingredients, making them pay more for organic vegetables. This makes the food more valuable than just regular non-organic tomatoes and onions. All the food that use to be cheaper because of the value. This is a smart idea because some people are seeking more premium ingredients, but raising the price this much will drop the fast-food market wages. 

McDonalds is not the only restaurant changing its prices. Wendy's has made its "Right Price Right Size" menu from 99 cents to $2 a piece. John Gordon works as a fast-food advisor, and he says that the dollar menus will have to change at some point. Other experts say that the items are less profitable than drinks or limited-time foods.

Some customers say that the dollar menu is truly awful. One formerly loyal customer Aesha Adams Roberts says that she would rather eat dried beans for dinner. Another woman, a stay-at-home mom, used to eat from the dollar menu, but she switched to organic food. Now she says that any fas-food burgers makes her sick. "The dollar menu may be budget friendly, but it the food really tastes bad."

Last summer, Burger King introduced a new evil: A "burger" stuffed with french fries on their dollar menu. KFC added a new item on their regular menu last month. It was called the "Go-Cup" and it would fit into cup holders and was filled with chicken and potato wedges and cost $3. KFC might be the only fast-food restaurant on track. More expensive foods can be useful for other reasons, dismissing the price.

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