Friday, November 8, 2013

iPad Art in a Museum?

In the San Francisco de Young Museum, paintings of Yosemite, some of which are 12 feet tall, are admired by many, particularly because they were created on an iPad! British artist David Hockney uses an iPad to paint these remarkable works of art on an app available to anyone! Using a stylus, hundreds of brushes and millions of colors can be accessed. 

This is another reminder that the future is approaching! Someday all art may be done with tech, but for now this is a novelty. The art is temporarily in Golden Gate Park, but will later move to Silicon Valley. Oil Painting has been around for about 600 years, and iPad art has been around for three and a half years. Well, time will tell. iPad art is at its peak now.

Reviews of Painting Apps

A painting in progress using the app Procreate. The brushes are amazing, and if you are familiar with the techniques, you can paint professionally without the mess. There are practically infinite color choices, as well. I found this app remarkable, though very difficult to use. I recommend this to professionals, as it does have many useful customized features. 

Art Set is another one of my favorite painting apps. It is very easy to use, and although it doesn't offer nearly as many brushes, those offered are a satisfying amount. While this app may not have the potential to create museum artwork, it is plenty for any casual artist.

A completed painting- I couldn't have done it without my iPad! 

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