Friday, November 1, 2013

Very quiet animals actually make very loud noises

Did you know that some animals that seem very quite have a very loud sound.

 A porcupine makes a squealing sound almost like a baby. The porcupine is a very shy and quiet but it still does make a sound.

A jellyfish makes a little vibrating sound. No one can really hear it underwater but it does make an interesting sound.

A fish makes a bubbling sound. It makes the sound with its tail when its swimming.

An orca sings a song. An orca makes a high and loud sound.

A prairie dog makes a single chirping sound that lasts only a fraction of second long. They are loving animals that make a but they could be a handful.

The Huia cavitympanum frog  makes ultrasonic sounds that humans can't hear. The frog can actually hear and understand what a human said.

All the animals have something in comman, they all use their voice for calling for help and communication The porcupine communicates. The orca communicates. The praire dog communicates. The Huia cavitympanum communicates, the fish communicates. the jellyfish also communicates. All animals communicate.

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  1. Nice post, Nicole! I like your selection of animals and that you included the video of Teddy Bear. It's nice to hear an animal in addition to reading your story.